Logo Selected by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for “Forms-as-a-Service” Solution

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced this week that they have selected a solution to support their information technology modernization and Center of Excellence efforts that includes the creation of a Forms-as-a-Service capability, using the platform. Selected for Icon Outlook Magazine Cover Feature, the only data management platform offering drag-and-drop forms and API creation, is proud to announce its recent feature on the cover of Icon Outlook magazine's Master Data Management Edition.

The One Thing Most Drag And Drop Form Builders Leave Out That You Can’t Ignore

A Form Is Never Just A Form

Low-Code App Development Without The Lock-In Effects Illustration

How To Leverage Low-Code In Your App Development Without The Lock-In Effects

You’ve heard it said “Low-code / No-code app development is the future.” But I say unto you: “A Developer-first approach to Low-code / No-code app development is the future.” What do I mean? Let me explain.

App Build Tree

Don’t Get 50 Hours Deep Into Your Next App Build Without An Answer To This Question

Because Missing The Forest For The Trees Could Cost You 500 Hours

Build Integration Bridges To Multiple, Disparate Data Sources

With The Ultimate Easy-Button: Client-Rendered Forms

Build Features With A REST API Layer For Rapid Deployment

How Using A Supplementive REST API Layer To Build New Features Avoids Complexity With Your Existing Systems

The Legacy Driver Of Form To PDF

Why Form To PDF Has Us Swimming In This File Format Open Source Core Vs. Enterprise

What’s In’s Open Source Core Vs The Enterprise & SaaS Offerings?

The Secret-Sauce Elixir of The JSON Form

You would think we’re named because we help you make a JSON form, but that's not the whole story,

The Long-Term Strategy Of Composable Software

Composable Software Is Like NPM For Non-Developers. It Enables Them To Assemble independent, self-contained units of functionality into usable applications

Rapid prototyping tools

Rapid Prototyping Tools: A 3-In-1 For Developing MVPs

Build Actual, Functional Apps With 3 Rapid Prototyping Tools In 1 Solution

Decoupled Software: The Progress From Hard Mode To Easy Mode

Decoupled Software: The Progress From Hard Mode To Easy Mode

So You Can Accomplish Even More Hard Things

Really fast forms

Fast Forms, But Just How Fast, Precisely? I Did The Math.

We know drag and drop form builders speed up form building, but when I say "fast forms," just how fast is that? Especially considering the data connections.

Form File Uploads with Azure

Complete How-To Guide To Set Up Form File Uploads With Azure

A No-Steps-Missed, Step-By-Step Guide To Configure Everything To Accept Form File Uploads In A Form Using Azure Blob Services

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