The Truly Open, Flexible, And Extensible Platform

A wide range of industries are able to fulfill their unique application requirements and accomplish their business goals with which means you probably can too.

Financial Services & Banking

Data collection that's encrypted, fast, and stored in-house for when security is top-of-mind, so you can have peace of mind.

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Eliminate sifting through 1000s of static ACORD PDFs, manually extracting the data, or paying a service to extract it for you.

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Education lets you quickly build registration and evaluation forms for your higher education institution that integrate with your existing systems.

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Modernize your legacy system and serve the public without sacrificing security and usability or inflating your budget.

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Get HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use forms for your practice, hospital, or healthcare technology app so your patient data is always accessible and current with

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Legal & Accounting

Out-of-the-box security and accessibility that makes collecting information convenient for you and your clients and customers.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Decentralize your form applications so your manufacturing data doesn't get stuck and inaccessible when you need it.

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Online, Consumer, & Entertainment

Get real-time customer insights so you can offer more personalized experiences that build loyalty and drive more sales with more customers when you can act on all their interactions—captured and sent to your apps.

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Technology Consultancies & Platforms

Build your services on our platform, fully white-labeled, with your branding or your customers' and run your own business process SaaS by embedding our platform in your environment, in a multi-tenanted deployment.

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