Don’t Get 50 Hours Deep Into Your Next Application Build Without An Answer To This Question

The Forest For The Trees Application Build

Drag And Drop Form Builders Are Like Trees.

What do I mean?

Search “drag and drop form builder”.

What do you get?

A number of results telling you how easy it is to build forms—without code—in a drag and drop interface.

As you scan through them, you start to see the same things.

Similar features. Similar capabilities.

Same thing happens with those comparison charts you might’ve seen.

Despite being one of the most capable form builders available with the ability to handle complex conditional logic and workflows, multi-page forms, file uploads, PDFs, offline mode, translations, auto-backups, collision control, etc., we’ll get paired with another capable form builder and on the outside things look the same.

Like this:

There’s not much difference, which begs the question:

How do you know which form builder to choose?

Rooting Out The Differences

A tree is never just a tree, not what you can see at least. It has a deep root system that connects it to soil and nutrients and the roots stabilize and strengthen the tree.

Likewise, a form is never just a form. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it lives in an application environment.

You don’t need a form to run a poll for your local HOA, you’re building something much more complex and substantial, something that solves major business processes.

What’s in front of you is a broad, technology strategy, one that that emphasizes your need to address data management requirements.


  • Where is the data stored?
  • In what format?
  • How will I be able to retrieve it?
  • Can I connect it to 3rd party services?
  • Can I connect it to legacy systems?
  • Can I connect it to the cloud, or a combination of everything?

And with further digging, you might ask:

  • What tech stack will I be locked into?
  • What kind of security is in place?
  • How much technical lift is required?

Here’s the ONE question that captures it all: How deep do the roots go?

If you settle on a third-party solution that only addresses your form requirements, you’re going to be stuck with building the root system from scratch.

Otherwise, the tornado of data integrations and management requirements is going to hit and you’ll have a mess of disparate data on your hands.

Which tree will be left standing?

Not Just Another Drag And Drop Form Builder 

A form is never just a form and is not just another drag and drop form builder.

Yes, it handles all the complexities of the most robust forms you might ever need.

And it writes the APIs for you as you build with the drag and drop form builder.

But it’s also a Master Data Management platform.

One that connects to to legacy, 3rd-party, and cloud systems.

It’s the only, platform that combines complex form building and data integration and management capabilities:

That’s hundreds of developer hours and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars saved, especially when you’re building and managing a large application with a lot of forms.

In fact, the savings can be so significant that you might even increase your scope. That’s what happened with LighthouseHQ’s customers when they started using

I get it though. You still might be stuck.

If you buy something, you face other restrictions:

  • What technology stack am I committing to?
  • How’s its security and compliance?
  • What if it doesn’t do everything I need, can I build on it?
  • I can’t commit to something outside of my environment, so what options do I really have other than building from scratch?

What if I told you that you could buy the fully grown tree, roots and all, plant it in your field, and graft your own branches onto it?

In other words, is customizable with an open source core, unopinionated, and fully-deployed in your environment so you can:

  • Maintain 100% control
  • Avoid any extra security risk
  • Avoid relying on external platforms
  • Be free from technical lock-in
  • Extend and style it however you want is the whole tree, in one platform.

And if you wanted to package all of this up and offer it to your own customers, white-labeled under your brand, like LighthouseHQ does, you can too.

Let us know what you’re building and we’ll help.

Don’t Miss The Forest For The Trees In Your Next Application Build That Could Cost You 500 Hours

Published by Wizard is a zero-trust, data governance strategy platform, embedded in your environment, that enables you to build business process workflow applications or anything that uses forms with lightning bolt speed. is unique in its reach to the application layer regarding governance because we acknowledge forms are the primary entry point into everything data related. Forms are the UI, forms are the data model, and forms are the API model.

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