Formio-enterprise 8.3.4 and PDF-server 5.3.4

Formio-enterprise 8.3.4 and PDF-server 5.3.4 Release Announcement: 

Formio-Enterprise 8.3.4 and PDF-Server 5.3.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Formio-Enterprise 8.3.4 and PDF Server 5.3.4. These versions are available in Docker Hub for all Self-hosted customers. We will also be upgrading with these versions soon.

File Upload | S3 Multipart Upload support

For large file uploads (greater than 5GB), the S3 Multipart Upload API improves the upload experience by uploading large files in chunks to enable quicker throughput. The Multipart API features a recovery mechanism to handle slow or interrupted network services, leveraging the ability to pause and resume object uploads. In addition, object uploads can commence before the full size of the object is known. 

Data Table 

The Data Table is a grid based component that enables a more informed selection of data. Think of it as a Select Dropdown, but with more information for an end user of the form to make a decision. Only the rows selected will be included in the Submission JSON. The following features have been added to the Data Table in this release: 

Fetch Data from a Resource or URL

Population of Data into the Data Table is now available via the Fetch Tab, to pull data directly from a Resource or any URL endpoint. Read the How-To here

Submit Selected Rows 

Because the Data Table can be populated with massive Data Sets, only the selected rows are submitted as part of the submission. A setting has been added to make this easy. 

To track any specific tickets within this release, please reference the Enterprise Release Changelog.


See you soon! In the meantime…

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