Formio-Enterprise 9.1.0 and PDF-Server 5.6.0 Release Notes Thumbnail

We are pleased to announce the release of Formio-Enterprise 9.1.0. 

To upgrade to the 9.1.0 version of Formio-Enterprise, Self-Hosted customers can access the Upgrade on Docker Hub here.

New Features:

Expanded Validation Capabilities

  • A new “Check Validation on Hidden” property has been added to the component settings’ validation tab. This additional configuration option enables validation on hidden components, both conditionally and statically. 

Added Support to Webhook Actions – Retry Functionality

  • Previously, webhook actions performed singular requests, regardless of success or failure. This expanded support for “Retry” enables the Webhook actions to retry additional requests if the first request results in failure. 

OIDC Support Added to SSO Teams

  • SSO Teams allows for the programmatic access to Projects rather than manual addition of Users to Teams. Roles associated with OIDC users are now automatically linked to a Team if the Team’s name matches the user role.

We are pleased to announce the release of Formio-Enterprise 9.1.0 and PDF-Server 5.6.0.

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Lane Doughtie

Devout Christian, family man, and slinger of discs. When it's robotics season you can find me at the school buildin' bots!

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