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Reporting Module

We are pleased to announce the first release of the Reporting Module. has always had a great answer for building forms, collecting, managing, and storing data, and the Reporting Module completes the Data Management Lifecycle. The Reporting Module enables dynamic visual reporting interfaces to be configured, built, and embedded directly into your application just like forms are. Reports are configurable by selecting submission data input sources (original Forms and/or Resources), columns inclusion and order, styling, filtering options, pagination defaults, exporting data formats, and more. 

A special license key is required to evaluate the Reporting Module. Contact sales for more information, or to receive one.


  • The Reporting Module aggregates data from multiple Forms and Resources into a singular Report UI to visualize connected data stemming from multiple Form Sources.
  • The Reporting Module leverages the MongoDB aggregation pipeline & operations enable the following:
    • Joining of submissions from several forms based on common field(s). 
    • Calculated Columns – add additional columns to the Report Grid that do not exist in the Data Source Forms. These columns` value(s) will be calculated based on the fields of the Data Source Forms. 
    • Aggregated Columns – Create an aggregated report that groups submissions by one or more fields stemming from different forms (e.g. department ID or employee ID)
  • Reports are configurable, customizable, and embeddable. Using a wizard setup within the Developer Portal, the following are configurable on a per-report basis:
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Columns available for the end user to show/hide during runtime 
    • Pagination
    • Selection of multiple rows
    • Execution of actions on selected rows.
      • Default Actions include Export to CSV and Download to PDF. Custom Actions can also be defined and added to any report.

Breaking Changes

  • Mailgun and Sendgrid direct integration deprecated
    • Customers may continue to use the integration UI just as before. Information input into these integration fields is now passed through to use SMTP rather than the Sendgrid or Mailgun API. This is backward compatible and no action is needed, but should be noted for debugging / informational purposes.

Please contact sales for more information regarding this module.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Formio-Enterprise 8.4.1, available soon in Docker Hub for all Self-hosted customers.

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