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New Features:

Default Form Settings

  • Default settings for all new Forms or Resources can now be configured to include: Form & Submission Revisions, Action Logs, Access Settings for both Forms and Submissions, Form Controllers, & PDF Settings. Previously these were only able to be controlled on a per-form basis.

Default Stage Option

  • Users can now choose which stage is used as the default when accessing a project.

Search Forms by Tag

  • Users can now filter and search for forms based on tags assigned to the forms within the form settings.

File Upload Component – Multi-Part Upload API Support

  • AWS S3 offers a Multipart Upload feature that allows users to upload files up to 5TB in size. It can also provide enhanced flexibility when it comes to uploading smaller files.’s File Component supports this feature by letting the form builder opt in to Multipart Upload support on a per form basis.

Upcoming Release: Formio-Enterprise 9.0.0

This release is currently in QA and resolves many outstanding CVEs. Specifically, the VM2 library dependency is being replaced by a new submission processing library within formio/core. More information will be provided on the specific breaking changes soon. 

We are pleased to announce the release of Formio-Enterprise 8.5.0 and PDF Server 5.5.0 on

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