Deliver the best care when patient data is accurate, up-to-date, and delivered fast and secure with HIPAA compliance out of the box

Even if your data is in 3rd-party or legacy systems in your hospital, physician practice, nursing provider, or other healthcare organization.

Nurse with Healthcare forms

Get peace of mind with end-to-end HIPAA compliance

When your forms, APIs, and data are fully compliant and secure, in your environment. provides backend validation, conditional logic, and workflows

Eable your healthcare administrators to create and maintain conditional, and complex forms, even if they're not a developer. is mobile optimized

Patient interactions rarely happen at a computer terminal, which is why your data needs to go with you, accessible on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. has offline mode

Complete forms with patients in remote areas while offline without having to write things down or try to remember everything—then sync later when you're connected.

Data Management & Reporting

Don't reinvent the wheel when you can seamlessly integrate with your current patient information and office management systems.

More Key Features For Healthcare

What can you do with Submission Revision Logs

Track any change, to any field, on any form, for all of time, and output to a PDF audit log so you're never out of HIPAA compliance. real-time data

Make changes to your forms, dynamically, without having to bother IT, and watch your revisions go live instantly in all locations where the form resides.

Auto populate Redundant fields

Trim time-wasting tasks of re-entering the same thing over and over when you can enter it once and autopopulate redundant fields common in patient paperwork.

Save Securely

Let users save incompleted forms to finish later, securely to your database, instead of left open in local storage on their device. is fully accessible and compliant

Save even more development time by ensuring all forms are accessibility compliant, out of the box, with's Accessibility & Compliance Module. secure

Advanced Audit Logging, Submission Collections, and Field Encryption provide peace of mind with's Security Module.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Forms is built for Healthcare

  • Patient registration, records, and appointment settings
  • Register patients ahead of time to improve completion and accuracy
  • Set appointments using a form that triggers the rest of your systems and notifications to save on operational costs
  • Route patient inquiries to the relevant people automatically based on patient-input

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