Speed To Deployment So Fast They Had To Tighten Permissions

How NDIS cut the time it took to deploy forms and surveys by over 50%.

Are you an insurance or government organization building your next application that deals with a lot of complex forms?

That also must meet strict data security and compliance requirements, be they HIPAA, GDPR, encryption, etc. AND integrate with legacy and/or third party systems?

Have you considered making a form-building solution from scratch, because you want to:

  • Solve new, custom, and/or unique problems
  • Scale up in the future
  • Process and store sensitive data in your own environment
  • Integrate with any other system or solution, even legacy systems
  • Implement new ideas and custom features

But Making A Solution Is:

  • Slow to market and prolongs your development time
  • Increases costs and strains your IT resources
  • Compromises your agility to respond to evolving business needs
  • Cumbersome and expensive to maintain when you have to manage and update numerous forms across multiple systems

Besides, do you really want to be in the form building business?

Reinventing the wheel building forms and APIs from scratch doesn't make sense—which means you've probably also considered buying a pre-built, industry-specific solution because you want to:

  • Go to market quickly
  • Save with a cost-effective solution
  • Have dedicated support from industry professionals
  • Avoid the cost and heavy lift of maintaining custom software in-house

But, Third Party Form Builders Don't Address Legacy Integrations

Or a number of other challenges within the app you're building, which can mean:

  • Losing 100% control of your data and security
  • Frustrations with vendor lock-in if you ever need to change solutions
  • Scaled pricing that bills you by the form, user, API call, or some other usage-based metric
  • Limited flexibility that prevents you from extending existing features or building new, custom ones

Neither are a good solution

Do what NDIS did and embrace a strategy that provides you a scalable, performant, open-architected, unopinionated, configurable, and embeddable solution.

Download the case study to see how they cut their deployment times in half.

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