Lighthouse, (established as Customer Management Technologies Pty Ltd in 1998) has formed a highly regarded and successful business reputation for developing large-scale, complex, Regulatory Licensing and Compliance systems for Australian and New Zealand Government Agencies.

We are proud of our success and we are confident that you, our future client, will enjoy our Products and our Professional Services. We welcome your contact if you would like to know more about our business, our products or employment opportunities.

We have combined the ‘best-of-breed’ technologies, tools and components.

For our Software as a Service (SaaS) products we are are incorporating many shared components, utilising the tools and technologies for secure design and development.

For project work, we are selecting the components, tools and technologies we need to deliver a successful outcome for our customers based on their needs and requirements.

As Specialists in the design, development and support of Government Information Systems, LighthouseHQ is dedicated to providing our clients with the best contemporary products and services, with a focus on integrity, dependability, quality services and continuous technological innovation.

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