isn’t merely an open source form builder, but also a data management platform—it’s the entire ecosystem of forms and their data, deployed natively in your environment and applications.

When deployed, your uptime and performance aren’t dependent on or any third party—you maintain full control.

And you can modify it or extend it however you want.’s engineering team is dedicated to supporting the open source community, collaboration, developing new libraries, and integrating contributions into the platform.

This approach ensures the platform isalways evolving to meet the business needs of our users.

When it comes to the open source form builder, you don’t need developers to create all your forms. Instead, anyone can do it with the drag and drop builder, which generates the JSON schema and the API at the same time, allowing rapid testing and development.

Since they’re JSON, they’re embedded on page with a single line of JavaScript and rendered using one of the renderers (Vanilla, Angular, React, Vue, and more)—your choice.

That means if you need to make a change, you update it in the open source form builder and all instances of where the form is rendered are updated in real time, which can save you hundreds of hours when dealing with lots of forms.

You might be asking “Just how complex can forms be?”

Good question.

Multi-page, conditional field visibility, field calculations, dynamic form branching, file uploads, and more—all without writing code.

“So is this a low-code/no-code solution for non-developers?”

It’s for developers who want to empower non-developers to be able to build complex forms within the application you’re building and managing.