Eliminate Sifting Through 1000s Of Static ACORD PDFs, Manually Extracting The Data, Or Paying A Service To Extract It For You

ACORD PDF Data Is Immediately Accessible, Searchable, Editable, And Reportable The Moment A User Clicks Submit AND The PDF Stays Intact.

See how it's done in 2 minutes:

Managing ACORD Data Is A Cumbersome, Manual Process That Wastes Hundreds Of Hours

Because You're Managing PDF Documents That Require:

  • Sifting through 1000s of PDFs (sometimes hand-written)
  • Manually extracting the data or paying a service to extract the data for you
  • Validating accuracy only after you’ve received the data
  • Delaying decision-making based on the data until everything is processed

What If, Instead, Users Completed A Form That Gave You Immediate Access To The ACORD Data Upon Submission?

That Also Let You Print/Export Any Submissions To A Pixel-Perfect ACORD PDF?

  • The form data overlays on top of ACORD PDFs (or any PDF) so users can fill out either a responsive web form or a fillable PDF so you never have to manage PDF documents again
  • Because users are completing a form instead of sending a document, the time-consuming manual process of extract the data is eliminated
  • In addition, many PDFs can be automatically converted to usable, dynamic forms in one click when there’s sufficient meta data in the PDF
  • ACORD PDF Data is immediately accessible, searchable, reportable, and editable the moment a user clicks submit

Connect your existing applications so your data doesn't stay trapped in a single silo

Keep your team up-to-date and in-the-know when customer data is at their fingertips in real-time.


Eliminate Sifting Through 1000s Of Static ACORD PDFs, Manually Extracting The Data, Or Paying A Service To Extract It For You

Field Level Encryption

Maintain total privacy with form field level encryption, encryption at rest, and in-transit encryption

Form Data Security Compliance

Form data security compliance is never at risk when you maintain 100% control of your application and submission data within your own environments

Build forms and APIs with drag and drop functionality with Form.io

Build and manage complex forms and APIs in one step using the Form.io simple drag & drop form-building interface without having to write code

More Key Features For Insurance Organizations

What can you do with Form.io?

PDF Forms

Erase PDF-pain by outputing submissions to PDF or turning them into an embeddable, dynamic PDF forms automatically

Form Change Logs

Track any change, to any field, on any form, for all of time, and output to a PDF audit log so you're never in the dark.

Auto populate forms

Trim time-wasting tasks of re-entering the same thing over and over when you can enter it once and auto populate forms with redundant fields that are common in insurance paperwork.

Auto Save Forms

Auto save forms lets users save unfinished forms to finish later, securely to your database, instead of left open in local storage on their device.

Offline Mode For Forms

Never worry about being rural when you can collect data offline and sync when back online

Mobile Responsive Forms

Reach your customers and clients with mobile responsive forms, out-of-the-box, that work on any device.


Form.io Is Built For Insurance

  • Stay in sync when relevant information is routed to all necessary systems
  • Collect and manage sensitive documents in a fully compliant form and data management system, even under the strictest regulations.
  • Onboard new clients, collect policy information, and send automated quotes with a dynamic, conditional form building system.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your data is encrypted, secured, and hosted in your environment
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