From Falling Behind The Competition To Stealing Their Customers With The Right Technology Transformation

How LexisNexis Made A Technology Transformation Quantum Leap With To Become The Market Leader

In government agencies and contractors are thinking differently about digital web form solutions because until recently, there's never been a technology standard for them.

But what would that look like?

If your technology transformation strategy involves building or maintaining an application, you've already recognized the importance of getting the correct solution for other aspects of your technology. For example, you're going to leverage an existing database solution—one with standard protocols and data strategies. You'd never build your own.

  • You're going to leverage an email provider—you'd never build one
  • You're going to leverage a front-end framework—you'd never build one (probably)
  • You're going to leverage an authentication schema—you'd never build one
  • You're going to leverage a cloud provider—you'd never build one

You would never relegate these other crucial elements of your platform—elements that require their own dedicated development teams to build and maintain—to being an afterthought or to a one-off internal make-solution that would inevitably morph into an internal black box solution that has to be maintained.

But you've always had to make your own digital web forms APIs because a true standard had never existed before.

And they are growing more sophisticated, more complex, and more crucial than ever, which is why a true standard with a dedicated development team is needed and why is becoming the standard—so you can finally leverage digital web forms and their data management APIs in your application, just like LexisNexis did, that meets every requirement you might have without having to build them yourself.

The evolving sophistication, complexity, and cruciality of forms and APIs warrants their own discrete, technology standard

You no longer need to build your own forms to achieve a native forms solution for application development or technology transformation

Because is the true, industry standard for digital web forms and data management APIs that:

  • Decouples form building from application code development and enables non-technical business units to build forms and their APIs with drag and drop and modify them in a live environment without triggering a devops release cycle
  • Scales with you as your usage of forms, API calls, users, submissions, etc. increase, without scaling your costs
  • Processes and store sensitive data because all forms, tools, and the platform itself are fully deployed in your own environment via a Docker container
  • Integrates with 3rd-party and legacy systems so you can eliminate data silos
  • Is built for developers so they can extend, customize, and innovate as needed because the platform is based on open source technology
  • Meets every government regulation for security, compliance, and accessibility worldwide, including HIPAA, GDPR, encryption, etc.

Besides, do you really want to be in the form building business?

Reinventing the wheel building forms and APIs from scratch doesn't make sense. Leverage the industry standard so you can:

  • Go to market quickly
  • Save with a cost-effective solution
  • Have dedicated support from industry professionals
  • Avoid the cost and heavy lift of maintaining custom software in-house

And Avoid The Third Party Form Builders That Don't Address Legacy Integrations

Or a number of other challenges within the app you're building, which can mean:

  • Losing 100% control of your data and security
  • Frustrations with vendor lock-in if you ever need to change solutions
  • Scaled pricing that bills you by the form, user, API call, or some other usage-based metric
  • Limited flexibility that prevents you from extending existing features or building new, custom ones

Leverage The Industry Standard That Covers The Complete Lifecycle Of Data

Do what LexisNexis did and embrace a strategy that provides you a scalable, performant, open-architected, unopinionated, configurable, and embeddable solution.

Download the case study.

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