Transparency-One Case Study: Using for Global Supply Chain Scaling

Transparency-One Case Study: Using for Global Supply Chain Scaling

Transparency-One, a platform for responsible supply chain sourcing, began experiencing rapid growth. They needed a flexible solution that could handle requests from global clients without interfering with their data model. To meet their short term scale-up needs quickly and integrate a flexible, long term data management solution into its platform, they turned to

Transparency-One began experiencing rapid growth and needed to augment their platform to handle global supply chain scaling demands.

They needed a flexible solution that could handle requests from clients around the world without interfering with their existing data model.

To meet their short term scale-up needs quickly and integrate a flexible, long term data management solution into its platform, they turned to

The Challenge

Navigating a Global Scale-Up and Wide Range of Data Needs

As a B2B company scaling globally, Transparency- One needed a flexible form and data management solution to offer their clients that didn’t require abandoning their existing data model.

The technology had to be able to securely deliver the right questions to the right suppliers, maintaining relevance across a wide variety of industries and roles, located all around the world.

With a technical team in-house and a complex platform of their own, they wanted a ready-built solution that offered custom data modelling options that could be managed and made into their own.

The solution also needed to meet global compliance requirements and maintain their clients’ confidence in their high ethical standards.

By integrating with their existing system, the technology had to be able to get by national firewalls.

Ideally, it could also offer the team enough flexibility to adapt to new uses through the next phases of company growth and development. was the perfect fit.

The Solution provided a fast solution to easily integrate with existing data stacks—without sacrificing the necessary complexity the team would need to support many different industries and meet global regulations.

Form. io offered Transparency-One a way to quickly enhance their network data capabilities internally and with suppliers.

The solution also ensures the Transparency- One team maintains control over their data and services, giving them the ability to manage, build, host, and deploy forms and important data models themselves.

“It’s enabling us to save a lot of money because every time we’ve got to create a deep dive demo in the pre-sales cycle, we are able to build a new data structure really fast. technology should be all over the place, in all different business applications.”

Frédéric Daniels, Chief Technology Officer at Transparency-One

Keeping their company’s security and autonomy at the core of the network while gaining the ability to go to market fast, made it possible to build and ship new data models in real-time, based on their growing user network.

The ability to embed seamlessly with their existing systems and platforms ensures they maintain the Transparency-One branding and their customers’ trust.

Without limits in customization or platform capability, has enabled their customers to request and author customized forms, helping them access more specific supplier information.

In addition to meeting existing customers’ data requirements, is proving to be a crucial pre-sales tool, demonstrating the ability of Transparency-One to customize their platform and support multi-tenancy. The flexibility of enables the sales team to demonstrate their advanced data capabilities with ease.

The Outcome

Flexible And Easy To Deploy Data Models

  1. Speed and Flexibility: Easy to use solution that got up and running fast and continues to adapt to meet evolving company and client needs
  2. Customizable Solution: Benefits and convenience of a ready-made solution with the long-term benefits of an embedded, secure, and adaptable product that lives within their environment.
  3. Key Features:’s multi-tenancy capabilities support Transparency-One clients across industries and the form manager option empowers clients with the ability to author their own forms.
  4. Time to Deploy: Rapid deployment of a reliable and flexible data solution during organization scale-up and for customized pre-sales demos, saving time and money.

Rapid growth meant Transparency-One needed a data management solution that would enable their global supply chain scaling demands.

Published by is a zero-trust, data governance strategy platform, embedded in your environment, that enables you to build business process workflow applications or anything that uses forms with lightning bolt speed. is unique in its reach to the application layer regarding governance because we acknowledge forms are the primary entry point into everything data related. Forms are the UI, forms are the data model, and forms are the API model.

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